South Korean Blockchain Platform Somesing Suffers Major Hack

Somesing, a leading South Korean blockchain platform, has recently been victim to a significant security breach, resulting in the loss of approximately $11.58 million worth of its native SSX tokens. The hack, which involved the theft of 730 million SSX tokens, represents a substantial portion of the platform's native cryptocurrency.

The incident has not been linked to any team member, and professional hackers specializing in targeting cryptocurrencies are suspected to be behind the attack. In the wake of the breach, Somesing has taken swift and decisive action to mitigate the potential consequences.

As part of their immediate response, Somesing has requested major South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges to suspend all deposits and withdrawals of SSX tokens. This is a strategic move designed to prevent the hackers from moving the stolen assets and profiting from their illicit activities.

In addition to taking internal measures, Somesing has reported the incident to the National Police Agency. The platform is also actively cooperating with local blockchain entities and renowned cybersecurity firms in an attempt to trace the attackers and freeze the stolen assets.

The severity of the hack has prompted Somesing to consider legal recourse. Once the perpetrators are identified, the platform plans to take legal action against them, in an effort to recover the stolen assets and bring the criminals to justice.